• BMF Shares Environmentally Sustainable Best Practices

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    November 18, 2020
    Reducing steps to reduce carbon footprint and adopt other environmentally sustainable practices were among the topics shared at the quarterly Biotech Manufactures Forum.

    Biogen's Jennifer Wright, director, environment, health and safety, and Firoz Antia, director, ASO process development and manufacturing, outlined the company’s Healthy Climate, Healthy Lives program and planned investment of $250 million over 20 years to eliminate its use of fossil fuels and improve public health. Wright said that, in addition to goals for company operations and fleet, there are also goals to engage employees and suppliers. Antia reviewed steps to improve manufacturing operations and steps for process innovations as part of “green chemistry innovation” in the anti-senser oligonucleotide process concluding saying they should be able to “realize economies of scale to make it bigger, make it better and make it greener.”

    Novo Nordisk's Niki King, director of US sustainability & social impact, for discussed activities by the company around a “circular mindset.” She said, “We look at everything throughout the value chain. It is how we design our products, making sure we minimize consumption, making sure we are eliminating waste and turning it into new resources.”

    Duke Energy is “transforming the ways it does business and plans to become a big part of climate solutions,” said Eric K. Bennett, Duke's key segment manager – pharmaceuticals and health care. He outlined company efforts for “achieving a net zero carbon future.”

    For more information about the meeting, contact John Wagner or Brenda Summers.
    John Wagner, Program Manager, BMF
    jwagner@ncbioscience.net, (919) 281-8960
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