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NCBIO Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

DEI Commitment Statement

The mission of NCBIO, the NC Biosciences Organization, is to ensure North Carolina’s business climate is favorable to the start up, growth and success of the life science industry. as well as to support the growth and development of organization members with products and services useful to member companies.

NCBIO understands that diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical to the continued growth and success of the life science industry in the state. NCBIO defines DEI as:

The Diversity Leader's Intensive Oct. 3-6

Our partner, The Diversity Movement, is offering a new certificate program, The Diversity Leader's Intensive, held Oct. 3-6. This intensive goes beyond the “what” and “why” of diversity, equity and inclusion to focus on the “how to” and the skills you need to build and sustain DEI at your organization. You’ll walk away from this four-day intensive with practical information to put into practice right away, a certificate of competency and amazing relationships that you develop with other cohort members.


means all the ways that individuals
differ from one another, which goes
beyond race, ethnicity, and gender to
include gender identity, sexual
orientation, age, disability, military
service, religion and beliefs, scientific
background and education.


creates fair treatment and access by
establishing and upholding policies
and processes that remove and
prevent the formation of barriers for
not only staff and members but also
patients impacted by life science
industry innovations.


fosters an environment where all staff
and members are able to be fully
themselves because they feel they
belong and where members are
inspired to champion this inclusion at
their life science organizations.........................................

NCBIO is committed to working with legislators and public policy makers to ensure equity, as well as to continue to embed DEI within our offerings and resources so members, their organizations and the life science industry within the state of North Carolina will continue to thrive and impact the world with breakthrough innovations and technologies.

NCBIO DEI News and Activities

Celeste Warren, VP, Merck Global Diversity and Inclusion Center, NCBIO Roadmap to Diversity Keynote

"If we surround them (employees) with ... that culture of inclusion, we will reap the benefits within our organizations. We will have stronger marketing strategies. We'll have innovation in our science, in our technology. We will have better strategies when it comes to our sales colleagues. We’ll have better technologies when it comes to our manufacturing practices. All that innovation, that creativity, will be unleashed in our business."

"We are dealing with all kinds of different things across a myriad of different issues, depending on your identity, how you identify across all of the dimensions of diversity, and we can't just shake that off. We'll be coming into the workplace. And so we want to make sure that our companies support us in those struggles."

"When it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion, don't be afraid to elevate your voice because when you elevate your voice, you're elevating it not just for yourself, but you're elevating it for thousands of others who have not yet found the power within themselves, the courage within themselves, to elevate their own voices."

Drew Duncan (Biogen), Erica Paine (Chiesi USA), Sheila Mikhail (AskBio) with Nicole Thompson (BD) participating remotely

NCBIO Roadmap to Diversity event offers guidance for member DEI initiatives

March 18, 2022 | Comments Off on NCBIO Roadmap to Diversity event offers guidance for member DEI initiatives

NCBIO members gathered at the NC Biotechnology Center Wednesday, March 9, to seek inspiration and guidance in pursuing their companies’ diversity, equity and inclusion goals. Some key takeaways from the discussions included the need to weave DEI into everything the company does; it can’t stand alone.

NCBIO Roadmap to Diversity offers strategies for building diverse and inclusive organizations

August 26, 2021 | Comments Off on NCBIO Roadmap to Diversity offers strategies for building diverse and inclusive organizations

View Agenda (0.4MB PDF) View keynote slide deck (2.6MB PDF) NCBIO hosted its first event in the Roadmap to Diversity in Life Sciences series on Tuesday, Aug. 24, featuring experts in diversity, equity and inclusion from a number of North Carolina life sciences companies who shared their experience in recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. …

LaunchBio webinar explores diversity in life-science venture capitalism

February 18, 2021 | Comments Off on LaunchBio webinar explores diversity in life-science venture capitalism

On Wednesday, Feb. 17, LaunchBio hosted a webinar discussing diversity in life science venture capitalism.

More DEI news

Novo Nordisk publishes inaugural diversity and inclusion report with policies, progress and pursuits

Novo Nordisk debuted its first diversity and inclusion report in North America this week laying out its commitments — and progress — for employees, patients and external audiences.

The highlights include more inclusive parental policies, nine employee resource groups — including a new AllAbility disability awareness group — and specialized programs such as its weekly Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging open forum discussions.

BIO DEI report finds improvements in gender parity; more progress needed in racial and ethnicity representation

BIO released its third annual report that examines diversity, equity, and inclusion in the biotechnology industry. The report, “Measuring Diversity in the Biotech Industry: Tracking Progress in Small and Large Companies,” investigates the state of DEI in the biotechnology industry and includes representation data, current DEI approaches and initiatives, and data comparisons to previous reports.

Resources from The Diversity Movement

The Diversity Movement is a results-oriented, data-driven strategic partner for organization-wide diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. TDM has a wealth of content about diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Types of Diversity

Differentiating Diversity and Inclusion

Foundation of Unconscious Bias

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The Importance of Inclusive Language

10 Inclusive Language Blunders and How to Correct Them


Why the ROI of D&I Makes Sense

Return on Investment for Diversity and Inclusion

Webinars, blogs and guides

DEI resources from other life sciences organizations

NCBIO Diversity Committee Members


  • A. Neil Jones, Vice President, Corporate Strategic Partnerships, Lindy Biosciences Inc.
  • Shaylah Nunn Jones, Government & Public Affairs, Novo Nordisk Pharmaceutical Industries, LP


  • Melissa Bishop-Murphy, Senior Director, National Government Relations & Multicultural Affairs, and Co-Chair, Multicultual Health Equity Collective, Pfizer
  • Jenn Caldwell, Executive Director, People Empowerment, BioCryst
  • Alana Davis, Head of Biologics Program Management, Fujifilm Diosynth  
  • Gregory J. Dennis, M.D., Senior VP, Research and Development and Global Head, Therapeutic Science and Strategy, IQVIA
  • Drew Duncan, HR Business Lead, Global Manufacturing & Technical Operations, Biogen
  • Cherell Harris, Attorney, Smith Anderson
  • LaQuinta Jernigan, Executive Vice President, North America, mdgroup
  • George Kafes, Director, Talent Acquisition, BioCryst
  • Melissa Martinez, Technical Program Manager, Precision Biosciences  
  • Amber Niebauer, Events Director, NCBIO
  • Tiffany Oettinger, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing & Business Integration, Merck & Co.
  • Danielle Pavliv, Director, Chief Diversity Officer, SAS
  • Yvette Pittman, Manager, Employee Resource Networks & Workforce Initiatives; Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Biogen
  • Marlene L. Sanders, Associate Director, State Government Affairs, Merck & Co.
  • David G. Smith, Talent Acquisition Leader – PO&T, Biogen
  • Richard Stallings, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Manager, Novozymes North America Inc.
  • Brenda Summers, Director of Workforce Programs, NCBIO
  • John Wagner, Biotech Manufacturers Program Manager, NCBIO

Additional Subcommittee Members 

  • Marlene Spritzer, Vice President, Lee & Associates  
  • Sheila Mikhail, CEO, AskBio 
  • Joe Ruiz, Ph.D., President, Enzerna and Open Doors 
  • Josh Jones, Manager, Frankel Staffing Partners
  • Juan Sénquiz, President and CEO, JC Automation